Poetry Corner

Let's talk about the word Queen

and what it means

Some only use it because they believe she is

second to the King

exceptional but still less


How dare you call me Queen

but fail to fall at my feet?

How dare you make me royal

yet refuse every single word I speak? 


For the last time please decolonize

your mind

and visit the oracle

who wrote the book

on what divine feminine means


See all queens ain't the same

we reigned supreme

long before the apostles came


Ask the Sibyls

they'll tell you about the time when

the Black Dove spoke

and the world was woke

Feminine divine

created all things

in her time

then man....


the power of her mind

the Doves cried


So he decided to take it

conquering her temple

evacuated soul

so he could break it

and rule







stamped out


everything she was

made her his 

sex slave


from the coliseums of Rome

to the shores of the Brave


....at the bottom of the hill

there her tired bones remain


entombed by misogyny 

corded in shame


While we actively ignore

living monuments of resilience 

Living momentum in strength 

Arms, legs, mouth 

Forced to move

carrying the mule

the people threw on her back



even the bible says God that created woman

because it was not good

that man should be alone

but because of

what we were taught

we don't understand

what God really meant

was that man

.......shouldn't be left alone with his thoughts


the devil is in the details

What if there really is no hell

and satan --- only our unmastered thoughts

or hell, a planet without free-roaming feminine form



See, the Universe requires balance in everything that exists

so if you understand anything

I need you to understand this...


The Feminine Divine has been planted

Since the beginning of time

She is Mother Nature....

...the balance in all things

so It's time

to make a peace offering 

To the soul of the Earth

let us create a space for all women 

of every kind

To speak the truths we are born to tell


we have awakened from our slumber

we've come to save the world


...and WE.....

won't even need to use our fists