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Greetings and welcome to this space I've created to share some choice resources for healing with you. My journey with trauma began just over 47 years ago and has contributed to everything that I am. Once I learned to accept that this is my journey, that there is no one that could save me from myself, I was able to heal my inner wounds and find freedom in ways I had never known before. Each of these businesses represent a piece of my journey I've already been on or where I am headed.  Please......enjoy! 

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Our Essential Oils are INDIGENOUSLY SOURCED and organically produced on small farms in the South African Cape Floral Kingdom. We single source indigenous botanical species that are hand-harvested and steam-distilled, extracting the highest quality oil and are particularly precious because yields are extremely low. 

Our rich tapestry of South African flora is classified into 8 biomes, these being Grassland, Savanna, Succulent Desert, Nama Desert, Forest, Bushland, and Thicket. This exemplifies the great wealth of diverse plant species, as well as the many healing plants rich in essential oils.


MoreFya Herbal Blends is committed to showcasing the magic that herbs have to offer. Enhance your smoke session with all natural, non-habit forming herbs that aid in helping to heal your body and work towards improving your overall well-being. Sip powerful teas that not only taste delicious but can help you cope with the stresses of your day to day life and help lend nourishment to your body that you didn't even realize you needed.


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I have curated content for this resource guide from my experience with healing from complex trauma. It is important to understand that there is no destination in the healing process. It is a continuous process of becoming with the end goal being the discovering and integration of the authentic self. This guide covers this topic thoughtfully and is accompanied by a special bonus for those seeking to tap into their divine femininity. 

Topics covered:

  • Acknowledgement 

  • Understanding ​

  • Identifying & Naming ​

  • Grieving​

  • Accepting​

  • The Healing Meridian​​

Resource Guide for Healing Trauma & Divi

~Tai Davis

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