Free Woman Arts

Free Woman Arts is a representation of how I've honored my inner self. Sankofa is a word from the Akan people which literally means, "Go back and get it". At this stage in my process, I've gone back to get the creativity that carried me through the toughest times of my young life. By visualizing my own journey, and what healing the "broken pieces" in me looks like, I've created art. Some of this art is about healing the past, some of it is about my future...and my future generations. 

What is it that kept you focused through your toughest times? What is it that makes you smile and opens up the creativity inside your soul? What if creativity is an opening to the many pathways inside your soul? Does it matter who else it pleases other than you? Does it matter if it "entertains"? Any art form bound to the soul isn't about entertainment. Surely, it is about enlightenment and possibly even joy. I have found nothing more joyful than connecting with my innermost parts and living authentically inside the truths I've found to be freeing. 

Free Woman Arts is just art from the soul.

Title: Her Generations

I dedicated this piece to the woman I am becoming. Each star shining in her universe is a descendant. Each planet, a trophy for each spiritual evolution. The ankh...the union of her divine feminine and masculine, total acceptance. This mixed media piece was done in acrylic and glitter gel pens.....for her shine.