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As an artist and founder of this business, I have chosen to focus on Black Liberation not to hold blackness in higher esteem but to correct the injustices specifically and systemically aimed towards the group of peoples captured and imported to build and maintain this capitalist structure we all live under. We are unique as a group disconnected from our original cultural identities thus eliminating our indigenous cultural supports.

If we're going to establish equity in our society, it is my firm belief that it must be reflected not only in the dismantling of structural racism but also in the unpacking of and taking down of internalized oppression. It is my desire to target Anti-Blackness inside every single marginalized group so that we can become a greater community together. 


It is my belief that with space, intention, compassion, love, and desire, we CAN reside inside a Beloved Community for the betterment of all humankind.  


I also understand that decolonization is centrally important to this process.


With this in mind, I've cultivated this media platform to host audio/video podcasts, blogs, art, books, virtual events, and more. Stay tuned for updates in 2021! 

Founder, Creative Director

Let’s Work Together

Boaso Black Media is currently seeking content creators. We support all work that is reflective of Beloved Community. Diversity, equity and inclusion are the standards here. For more information please submit our contact form and Tai will get back with you.  

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