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New Podcast!

The Soul Activation Series podcast is a monthly series designed to activate our hearts, enliven our Spirits, and ignite our inner power. Our intention is to create a safe, sacred space where listeners leave with their spirits lifted and feeling held and, their deepest passions and yearnings are ignited. This podcast embodies our passion to uplift the voices that inspire, activate, and bring healing in all it’s forms.

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Ep:1 The Art of Peace

Have you activated your soul today?

Meet Adria Kitchens and Tai Davis as we discuss our "why" for creating the Soul Activation Series. After taking Adria’s life coaching course, I discovered a path to self that allowed me to access an unfamiliar peace within myself. Tapping into my authentic self brought forward my “why” and the purpose I’m intended to share with the world. Have you explored your true self yet?

Hands Up

Transformative  Experience

The ideas that challenge equity for all are partially based in how our society views identity, class, and race. Each of these projects asks people to shift their thinking around identity, equity, and/or provide foundational skills to do the sometimes emotional work associated with transforming societal issues. I am inviting those who are weary from the underpinnings of societal friction into these safe spaces to make new connections that support you where you are right now. 

Equitable Dinners Atlanta.png

Equitable Dinners Atlanta

The mission of Equitable Dinners Atlanta is to build community, increase understanding and empathy for the experience of people of color, heighten equity awareness, and activate anti-racist action.

Institute for Equity Activism

To build a more just and racially equitable world, we need leaders able to identify and dismantle systems of white supremacy and oppression in our daily lives, our communities, and our country.

The Institute for Equity Activism provides leaders with the skills to recognize and disrupt cycles of discrimination, inequality, and inequity. Leveraging arts as a tool for social justice, we provide a framework to identify partners and resources to address community needs, as well as design and implement a plan for positive action.

Out Of Hand

Out of Hand was started in 2001 to create a new kind of theater. We wanted to create a theater that reaches new audiences and meets people where they are.

Out of Hand works at the intersection of art, social justice, and civic engagement. We spark conversations to build a better world by using the tools of theater to support and enhance the work of community partners. Out of Hand has three programming areas: In-Home Shows, Community and Civic Collaborations, and Creative Kids.

Whether we’re performing in a living room, launching discussions about race and equity with art, or making plays with and for students facing the largest opportunity gaps in our community, we’re doing it because we believe in the power of story to bring us together, to change lives, and create a stronger, healthier communities.


Our community is experiencing a reckoning. The global effects of the pandemic, and now the civil unrest in our communities, are highlighting the disparities between white lives and the lives of People of Color- especially Black people. A seismic shifting of the status quo is threatening to rock the foundation upon which so many theaters in this community have built their legacies. When we are able to make theatre again, we cannot return to “business as usual.” We cannot return to theatre companies that will not acknowledge and respect the voices of the BIPOC community.​

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